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courageous coaching  conversations

Conversations are like a hot cup of tea. Each sip stimulates the mind and heart and sets it thinking. If one was to add courage like a spice to the tea it would beckon one to be brave about something that one fears.  A courageous coaching conversation empowers and at the same time makes one, vulnerable. a moment of coaching - i.e. asking the right questions in the right way at the right time could change your life.


 2273+ people across 15+ countries have been coached by our team. Some of the challenges they expressed  :

How do I get my next big job ?

What will make me stand out as a leader to get promoted ?

How can I make my voice heard during this high stake meeting ?

How can I navigate the politics in the workplace ?

Why did I not get the job after the interviews went right  - what am I missing ?

How do I share a new vision and get the buy of my leadership team ?

How can I influence the new members on my leadership team ?

Why is my team in constant conflict mode? What can I do to put collaboration into action ?

How do I raise my confidence to get promoted ?

What should I do to make people listen to my point of view in cross functional meetings ?

How can I motivate my sales teams to take risk ?

How do I find an alternate career option ?

How can I identify the right successors for critical roles

What will make my successors,

What can I do differently to build connections in my industry / in this new country /city.