courageous coaching  conversations

Conversations are like a hot cup of tea. Each sip stimulates the mind and heart and sets it thinking. If one was to add courage like a spice to the tea it would beckon one to be brave about something that one fears.  A courageous coaching conversation empowers and at the same time makes one, vulnerable. a moment of coaching - i.e. asking the right questions in the right way at the right time could change your life.


 2273+ people across 15+ countries have been coached by our team. Some of the challenges they expressed  :

How do I get my next big job ?

What will make me stand out as a leader to get promoted ?

How can I make my voice heard during this high stake meeting ?

How can I navigate the politics in the workplace ?

Why did I not get the job after the interviews went right  - what am I missing ?

How do I share a new vision and get the buy of my leadership team ?

How can I influence the new members on my leadership team ?

Why is my team in constant conflict mode? What can I do to put collaboration into action ?

How do I raise my confidence to get promoted ?

What should I do to make people listen to my point of view in cross functional meetings ?

How can I motivate my sales teams to take risk ?

How do I find an alternate career option ?

How can I identify the right successors for critical roles

What will make my successors,

What can I do differently to build connections in my industry / in this new country /city.

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Ignus believes that challenges are opportunities  to influence mindsets, change behavior & co-create a whole new world.

Besides, culture & conversations have changed the way our clients engage and impact their employees, customers and partners.

Ignus has 38+ clients across 15 countries with innovative frameworks (STEP INto the future), LBL(leaders build leaders), tried and tested methodologies, internationally researched tools have lead to large scale transformation.

In fact, our tools have been leveraged in coaching conversations, to raise both insight & action. They have been described with three Is - Innovative, Insightful & impactful.

Here's a deeper dive into our tools : EQ is the capacity to be smarter with feelings. Six Seconds research indicates  a high positive correlation with leadership performance (66%), effectiveness (52%), leading change (58%). Therefore its a golden opportunity for  leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals   to assess and scale their capability. There is a spectrum of  EQ tools : EQ dashboard, EQ Talents, Brain profile & the EQ leadership profile 

There is also a high correlation between EQ & Executive Presence. EP is the 3C combo of three pursuits that fuel Presence Forbes research indicates that 25% of job & promotion decisions, are linked to Leadership Presence.

‌Another interesting tool : is Change readiness. It is the ability to continuously initiate and respond to change in ways that create advantage, minimize risk, and sustain performance. Our change readiness tool is phenomenal to assess a leader &/or a team's change readiness.  The agile leadership framework makes it even more unique & powerful as it not only informs on the level of readiness, but also provides a roadmap of recommendations for areas of focus. 

Remember while change is hard, planning for it doesn't have to be.

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